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Addresses learning outcome(s): 1. appraise the nature of the ICT profession 2. express ICT related concepts clearly and succinctly in written, oral, and other forms of communication media; 3. demonstrate the ability in using available information resources efficiently, synthesising, and organizing information to produce reports, applying the principles of referencing; 4. illustrate the key skills, knowledge, attributes and attitudes required to be an IT professional, withparticular reference to professional practice, code of ethics and professional standards; Related graduate attribute(s): 1. UC graduates are professional - communicate effectively 1. UC graduates are professional - display initiative and drive, and use their organisation skills to plan and manage their workload 1. UC graduates are professional - take pride in their professional and personal integrity 1. UC graduates are professional - use creativity, critical thinking, analysis and research skills to solve theoretical and real-world problems 1. UC graduates are professional - work collaboratively as part of a team, negotiate, and resolve conflict 2. UC graduates are global citizens - adopt an informed and balanced approach across professional and international boundaries 2. UC graduates are global citizens - behave ethically and sustainably in their professional and personal lives 2. UC graduates are global citizens - communicate effectively in diverse cultural and social settings 2. UC graduates are global citizens - think globally about issues in their profession 2. UC graduates are global citizens - understand issues in their profession from the perspective of other cultures 3. UC graduates are lifelong learners - adapt to complexity, ambiguity and change by being flexible and keen to engage with new ideas 3. UC graduates are lifelong learners - evaluate and adopt new technology Description. Analysis of contemporary issues, opportunities, trends, challenges or innovation in the ICT industry. On the basis of this work the students will create a plan (in e-portfolio assignment 4) that will outline where they would like to be in five years. Individual report. Criteria for assessment: i. Relevance of the selected topic. ii. Depth of analysis of topic related to ICT industry. iii. Quality of writing and clarity of content’s structure iv. Appropriate citation of sources Scenario. Team, this Assignment 3 (Graduates only) is an individual work and has been set up as a prelude to your individual Assignment 4 e-portfolio.On the basis of this Assignment-3, you will create a plan in e-portfolio assignment 4 that will outline where you would like to be in five years. In this context, you are to choosea company (Company-1) within an ICT industryof your choice. The ICT industry will be relevant to your future interests within the ICT profession. Company-1 may be national or international and need not necessarily be Australian. The scenario is that you have been contracted as a Consultant to Company-2and Company-2Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is about to visit Company-1. She will visit Company-1 shortly after you hand in your report, in order to develop a business relationship. Moreover, she will rely only upon your report as her preparation for visiting Company-1. In this context, you need to both analyse Company-1 and provide a report to Company-2 CEO so she if fully prepared and informed when she visits Company-1. No surprises! The deliverable will be a document in which you will analyse contemporary issues, opportunities, trends, challenges or innovation within the ICT Industry associated with Company-1.This may include considerations such as organisation/management structure, mission statement, company objectives, the market, ethics and business practices,ability to deliver on their business objectives through their people and processes, SWOT, dependencies, major projects, risks and issues and your strategic forecasts. This document will take the form of a 2000-word (+/-10%) 12-font single-spacing Executive Summaryreport of your chosen company or corporation, inclusive of Citations (Harvard Style). An additional 2 pages may be included as appendices, should you choose to include diagrams, charts, figures or tables, all of which should be captioned with appropriate references. Include an analysis of how the company addresses ethics and sustainability. You may consider this in the context of market research on a competitor or as research pre-investment in that company. Note that Wikipedia is not acceptable as a primary reference. This deliverable is not templated. That is, I will not prescribe the format of the Report, other than it is an Executive Summary of your findings. Rather, I will leave that to your discretion.

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