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For this project, you are required to create a fictitious business and describe your industry, costs, market type, pricing decisions, and overall strategy. You are expected to use actual figures in this project and these numbers should be as realistic as possible. Cited sources should be used to support your writing whenever possible. The following topics should be used to guide the discussion of your business.
  1. Describe your company and the industry it is in.
  2. What are your fixed costs?
  3. What are your variable costs?
  4. What type of market will your business operate in?
  5. Will your company have any monopoly power? Why or why not?
  6. What factors will affect the supply of your product?
  7. What factors will affect the demand for your product?
  8. How will you arrive at pricing decisions for your product?
  9. What type of profit do you expect in the short run? In the long run?
Complete this paper in a Microsoft Word document, APA formatted, and then submit it to Turnitin for plagiarism review. Please note that a minimum of 700 words for your essay is required.

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