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Assignment 3 Final Report: Students will prepare an 800 word research report. Students should choose 1 (one) topic from a list of possible topics (see Appendix 1). Due date: At the beginning of the workshop in Week 10. Weighting: 25% Length and/or format: 800 words Purpose: The purpose of this task is to assess the student`s level of achievement in the context of certain learning outcomes in this unit. In addition it assesses student`s understanding and execution of research skills and in particular the student`s organisation and evaluation of their research using a particular genre of writing. Learning outcomes assessed: 4, 5, 6 How to submit: Students should submit the assignment through Tumitin as well as submitting a hard copy to their lecturer. The hard copy should have an assignment cover sheet and should be accompanied by the Tumitin originality report, including word count, at the lime of submission. Submissions which do not include originality report on the due date and time will be considered incomplete and will incur late submission penalties. Please note that it takes 24 hours for Tumitin to generate an originality report if it is not the first submission. Return of assignment: The assignment will be returned in week 12 Assessment criteria: The assignment will be marked according to the assessment criteria in the rubric in Appendix 4. Assignment 4: Final Exam Due date: TBA Weighting: 45% Length and/or format: 2 hours Purpose: The purpose of this task Is to assess how successfully students have responded to the learning outcomes prescribed in this unit. Learning outcomes assessed: 1, 3,4,5,6, REFERENCING This unit requires you to use the APA referencing system. See the `Academic referencing` page from the Office of Student Success ( for more details.

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