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Here are the details of assignment... Subject: Current Developments in Accounting Thought Course: Master of Professional Accounting Charles Sturt University Assignment Due Date: 04/05/2016 Question 2 Essay 11 marks (1100 words excluding table of content and references) Find the comment letters received on a current exposure draft or proposal for a new accounting standard. (These can be found on the websites of most standard setting organizations such as IASB, AASB or FASB. Hint: These websites can be quite difficult to navigate, so as a first step try to type “IASB comment letters” in to Google or other search engine of your choice). Read a sample of the comments from a range of respondents and select five respondents, for example from professional accounting bodies, industry, companies or corporate bodies. Include copies of the comment letters you wish to discuss and complete the following task. a) Describe on your own words the issues that the exposure draft/proposal and comments letters dealt with. b) Is there agreement among the various groups? Describe the issues where there is agreement/ disagreement and provide examples. c) In your opinion, which of the three theories of regulation (Public interest theory, Economic interest group theory [Private interest] and Capture theory) explain the comment letters? Justify your answer. Presentation • Assessment items should be typed. • An essay style of answer is expected with an introduction, body and conclusion for each component. Subheadings are acceptable, point form is not. • Use 1.5 spacing. • Use a wide left margin. Markers need space to be able to include their comments. • Use a standard 12pt font such as Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial. • Left- justify body text. • Include a separate title page with your name, student number, subject code, assessment number and assessment question. Include class time and tutor’s name if applicable. • Number your pages (except the cover page). • Use a header or footer with your name and student number on each page. • Always keep a copy of your assessments. Both a hard copy and an electronic copy. • Grammar, spelling and syntax are important. Always use your spelling and grammar checker, but remember that this does not pick up all errors. You must still carefully edit your work. You may find reading your assignment out loud will assist you in identifying and correcting some mistake Requirements This assessment requires APA referencing. Marks are specifically allocated both to the consideration of appropriate source material and acknowledging its source through correct referencing. More information on APA can be found at: NOTE: I need soft copy of exposure draft/proposal and 5 comment letters as well!!

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