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BHO2434 Consumer Behaviour Assessment Three – S1 - 2016 “Consumer Behaviour Report” As part of your assigned group you will be required to submit a report on one of the two topics below. “What do studies of stationary markets show? How does this work help us to define the limits of effective marketing intervention? Discuss.” Or “Describe the theory of planned behaviour, its applications, strengths and weaknesses.” 30% - Due Week Nine (9) (Week Commencing 2nd May) Be clear, relevant and concise – in no more than 2,000 – 2,500 words not including references. Please use 12 point font, 1.5 spacing. The report needs to be submitted through Turnitin by 4pm on the Friday of Week 9 – Friday 6th May. A good answer is closely related to the question, factually accurate, connected to the relevant theory and to the implications and applications of the evidence. Key studies and recent work should cited. You must use evidence to support your arguments. Practitioner’s concerns are important in showing the relevance of the question but these are not evidence. Do not be superficial; if the question is wide, cover some part of the answer in reasonable depth and state that you are doing this. It is important to indicate doubts about evidence and theory. Try to use academic journal papers as well as text book/lecture notes. References should be cited in the text, e.g. Smith (1956), and then fully listed in alphabetic order at the end. You must always give the authorship of work that you use, otherwise it is plagiarism. BHO2434 Consumer Behaviour: Assignment Two – Report Students: First Name Surname ID Assignment Section Marks Allocated Not adeq uate (0) Poor (1+) Adeq uate (5+) Very good (7+) Excel lent (10) Overall Presentation including spelling, grammar and layout (please note: poor spelling, grammar and layout may affect marks in other sections of the report). 10 Executive Summary which summarises the report as a whole. 5 Introduction This section includes the literature review 25 Discussion which discusses and applies the relevant CB theory from the previous section to explain what the marketing implications are. 30 Conclusion which summarises the outcome of your Discussion Section and the Implications of what you have found. 15 Sufficient number of references and correct referencing style (use of Harvard system). Note errors with referencing may affect marks in other sections of the report. Plagiarism will result in an overall fail. 10 Appendices (and organisation of appendices) which provide supporting material. These could include photos, brochures etc. 5 TOTAL TOTAL/ 30 /100 /30 Comments:

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