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ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS To successfully complete this assessment each student needs to prepare equity research reports for two Australian listed firms. These two firms should be from two different industries. In general, equity analysts prepare equity research reports for the investors. These reports provide expert opinion about the investment opportunities in companies analysed. These reports also provide clear ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ recommendation to the investors. The equity research reports for the individual assessment should at least include following: • Basic information about the company: such as-Company name, industry, stock ticker, market capitalization, past return, P/E, etc. • Description of the business and analysis of its strategic position in the industry. • Financial analysis-including ratio analysis to explain financial health/strength of the firms. At least past 3 years financial history needs to be analysed. • Investment recommendations with explanation. • The elementary discussion on ethical behaviour of professional fund managers Please try to stick to the word limit (3000 words). Number of words is calculated excl.

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