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Accounting theory and issues Assignment topic: common wealth bank Issue: insurance scandal (Australia) Length:2000 words Reference style: (Harvard – Anglia style), Things to include 1. Table of content 2. Executive summary 3. Corporate responsibly and corporate governess 4. Bank introduction and bit of history(industry comparison and major aspects 5. Purpose of study(issues with bank) 6. Financial statement(doughy things in financial statement(like over stated accounts receivable)(issue with bank f.statements) 7. Directors and their roles(related to issue) 8. Their involvement and duty(related to issue) 9. Corporate governance principles( focus on these two principles act ethically and responsible and remuneration fairly and responsibly refer it to above topic 10. How to overcome the issue with bank(related to issue) 11. Steps taken to solve issue(related to issue) 12. Public speaking(like what ceo said and their statement about topic(related to issue) 13. Conclusion and recommendations

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