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University of Technology Sydney FACULTY OF ENGINEERING 49006 RISK MANAGEMENT IN ENGINEERING Assessment Task 1 — Autumn 2016 Weighting: 20% Due: 9 am Friday 6 May 2016 Select a risk problem from the list below and prepare a risk management plan in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009. Please ensure that you: • Establish the context clearly, in accordance with the Standard; • Define your system boundaries carefully; • Show evidence of consideration of alternatives for risk management`; • Clearly state the risk tolerability criteria employed; • Include relevant literature review and discussion; and • Consider aspects beyond the texts and lecture material (ie value added discussion). The problem of investigate can be a past or current one. You may need to simplify and define the boundaries carefully in order to achieve the word limit. Relevant project information to prepare the risk management plan needs to be identified by the student (literature research). You must choose one project from the following list: Project 1: Implementation of electric vehicles within Australia under the aspect of functional safety. Project 2: The Wheatstone Project in Western Australia — one of Australia`s largest resource projects. Develop a risk management plan for the implementation of the upstream — offshore infrastructure. Project 3: Introduction of enforced traffic regulations: lowering the speed limit tolerance and increasing fines. Develop a risk management plan considering the impact on road safety. Project 4: Decentralised control of power stations. Develop a risk management plan for a reliable power control system. Project 5: Risk management plan for the construction of the Azerbaijan Tower. Project 6: The construction of wave power plants or wave power offshore farms (for example the Langlee wave power plant in New Zealand); Project 7: Development and operation of a nuclear power plant (with regards to the catastrophe in Fukushima); Project 8: Space missions - a manned mission to Mars. Identify a problem that occurred or may occur during the life of your chosen project and prepare the risk management plan. Word count limit: The body of this assignment will be in the range of 3000 to 5000 words, excluding any Appendices. You may need to simplify and define the boundaries carefully in order to achieve the word limit. The assignment will be marked generally in accordance with the marking criteria where marks are deducted for non-conformity with these criteria. The assignment will be submitted as a hard copy at the start of the scheduled lecture on the due date. The assignment must also be uploaded to the 49006 Turnitin folder within UTSOnline. Please make sure to submit the complete assignment including Cover Page, Table of Contents, Reference list and Appendixes (it must be identical to the submitted hard copy). Emailed assignments will not be accepted. Be aware that several students have fallen foul, in previous semesters, of the sophisticated systems in place to detect plagiarism, whether of another student`s work or of books, internet resources, etc. You may use a revised version of a report you have prepared at work, as long as you clearly state the origins of your assignment and clearly delineate your contribution to this report. You should familiarise yourself with the correct referencing style — not referencing sources correctly can lead to a mark deduction, and not referencing sources at all (including pictures, diagrams, photographs) can be seen as plagiarism and can lead to disciplinary action. UTS reserves the right to use and/or disclose your assignment. If you use information which your (current or former) employer could regard as confidential, clearly state this on the first page. UTS will endeavour to protect all such information from disclosure. A late penalty of 10% of the final mark per day shall be applied (inclusive of weekends and public holidays). It is suggested you risk-manage your upload and do not leave the upload to minutes before the submission deadline. The UTSOnline system cannot handle an entire class simultaneously attempting to upload (you would not want to risk losing 10% of your hard-earned mark).

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