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SITXHRM402 SECTION 1: PREPARE FOR SERVICE Activity1 · 1 You work as part of a waiting team in a restaurant. The chef informs you that too much soup has been prepared. The restaurant needs to sell its supply of oysters tonight to allow for the fact that the restaurant will be shut for the next two days. The chef wants service staff to focus on selling the soup and the oysters to the customers. There are 40 serves of soup and 18 serves of oysters available. The chef has set the waiting team a goal of selling soup to at least half the customers on each table and oysters to at least a quarter of the customers on each table. According to the restaurant booking sheets there are: o two tables of 2 people o five tables of 4 people o one table of 8 people o three tables of 10 people Using the workplace information you have available to you list the minimum number and maximum number of soup spoons and oyster spoons and forks you would need to have polished and accessible in the restaurant’s attendant stations. · 3 Create a checklist of items that must be prepared. Note according to feedback most of the guests will drink at least one glass of champagne, and most guests will have two glasses of wine with their meals. Upload your answer for assessment. Section2 Provide service Activity7 1. Click here for Activity 7 part 1. Upload your answer for assessment Activity 7_1 A hotel offers this menu: Coronas $5.70 Crown Lager $4.50 VB $3.20 Chips $3.90 Wedges $5.70 Hamburger $9.50 Steak sandwich $12.70 Smoked sandwich $15.70 This table contains examples of situations which occurred during a recent shift at the hotel. Indicate whether the attendant is using a cross-selling, top-down selling or upselling sales strategy. Situation Sales technique Customer: ‘I want a beer.’ Waiter: ‘A Corona?’ Customer: ‘I’d like a burger.’ Waiter: ‘Can I get you some chips or wedges as well?’ Customer: ‘I’d like a burger.’ Waiter: ‘Our burgers are always good but we are also offering steak sandwiches today. They are delicious.’ Customer: ‘What sort of beers do you have?’ Waiter: ‘We have Coronas…’ Customer: ‘How much are they?’ Waiter: ‘$5.70’ Customer: No I don’t want to pay that much. What else do you have?’ Waiter: ‘We also have Crown Lager.’ Customer: ‘We’d like a few beers.’ Waiter: ‘Would you like a plate of chips or wedges as well?’ · 2 Max and Barbara are having a meal at a café. After they have eaten their dessert their attendant brings them their bill. As they pay Max remarks ‘I wouldn’t mind a coffee.’ Barbara tells Max ‘Me too, I would have enjoyed a latte with my chocolate cake. Perhaps we can try the café down the road.’ What are the consequences for the business? How could this situation have been avoided?

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