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AirAsia: Flying Low Cost with High Hopes
Hi there -
Table of Contents
Your table of contents should list major headings, subheadings, and titles of appendices with appropriate page numbering.
Please answer these questions for your group case study.
Assignment Questions
1. Briefly describe and discuss the main trends in the global airline industry (15)
2. Assess the company’s business strategy as a cost and/or differentiation strategy and discuss how it achieved this leadership position. (25)
3. Assess the airline industry using Porter’s five forces of competition. Is AirAsia’s business strategy suitable for the company to achieve a better position in the industry? What are the risks of using the strategy? (25)
4. How can AirAsia sustain its competitive advantage? (20)
Notes: The percentage assigned to the above questions totals 85 because 15 of your mark is derived from how well your submission meets style and format requirements.
Style and Format: coach will be looking for a professional document, grammatically correct with appropriate headings for sections and subsections
Please reference your assignment appropriately. Please also refer to the information on style and
APA referencing - website:
Length: The total assignment should not exceed 2,500 words
l Please reference your assignment appropriately (use 2005 references up onwards). The Prentice Hall Reference Guide for Canadian Writers is a good resource for all your assignments. Note: Although the Prentice Hall Reference Guide states assignments in APA format should be double-spaced, please follow the
l Up to two (2) appendices in total

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