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Section1: PROVIDE SERVICE Activity8.1 For each of the scenarios here: a. Identify what the attendant did wrong. b. What the attendant should have said to allow them to provide quality customer service, deal appropriately with complaints and use appropriate communication techniques to deal with conflict. *** The scenarios Activity 8_1 Attendant’s response What the attendant did wrong A better statement or action would be … ‘I’m not surprised you’re still waiting for your meals. Our new chef is hopeless.’ ‘No wonder your steak is tasteless. You shouldn’t have ordered a well done steak.’ ‘Look I’ve worked really hard. It’s not my fault the wine steward did not arrange your drinks.’ ‘Of course you can have these meals for free.’ ‘Those customers look really angry. I think I will stay over here.’ SECTION 4: COMPLETE END OF SHIFT DUTIES 2.List three benefits of clearing, cleaning and dismantling your work area according to organisational procedures. 3.Identify three consequences which could arise if the work area is not cleared, cleaned and dismantled according to health and safety requirements. PROJECT1 · You work as an attendant in the café of an international hotel. You have been invited to apply for a position in the hotel’s up-market restaurant. The food and beverage manager needs to know that you understand how to provide and coordinate high quality hospitality service. As part of your application you have been asked to prepare a report in which you set out your understanding of the steps involved in: o organising and preparing for food and beverage service within an up-market restaurant o delivering high quality service to customers o proper closing down procedures o effective teamwork practices Upload a copy of the report you would provide. Use headings, examples and illustrations where appropriate. Due on 9th

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