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Assessment item 3 Blog #2 Value: 10% Due date: 02-May-2016 Return date: 24-May-2016 Length: 800 words (maximum) Submission method options Interact2 Blog Task This blog activity asks you to consider the identification and operationalization of variables in a quantitative study. You are asked to create a blog to answer the following questions: 1. What are the dependent, independent, moderating or mediating (intervening) variables in this study? How are they defined? 2. How are these variables built into the conceptual framework for the study? 3. How are these variables measured? 4. Are there other important variables that should be included in this study? The article to be analysed for this blog is: Farrell, M., Oczkowski, E. and Kharabsheh (2011) Antecedents and Performance Consequences of Learning Success in International Joint Ventures. Industrial Marketing Management, 40(3), 479-488 Feedback on this assessment item will be provided by way of a reply to your blog posted by the lecturer. The mark for this blog activity will be available on Gradebook. Rationale This assessment activity invites you to apply your knowledge on key elements of quantitative research. The assessment will help you to assess your understanding of the major types of variables used in quantitative research. The task will help you understand techniques assoociated with quantitative research methodologies.

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