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ASSESSMENT 2 INSTRUCTIONS Course Name: BSB30115 CERTIFICATE III IN BUSINESS Subject: BSBFLM311 SUPPORT A WORKPLACE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Method: Project Assessment No.: One assessment Weighting: 20% Term/Year: Term: 2 / 2016 Due Date: Week 5 Competency Title/s: BSBFLM311 SUPPORT A WORKPLACE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Trainer Name: Antony Elmore Purpose of Assessment and provide evidence on: • A good knowledge of support workplace learning environment • Encourage individual and team to access and participate in learning opportunities Assessment Format: Your documentation must: a. Be of a professional standard (spelling, grammar, punctuation) b. Size 12, Arial Font c. 1.5 Spacing d. Add a Title page with your name, student number, subject, class no and trainer’s name. If you wish you can add a graphic or picture. (read How to write a report) e. All pages must have a Footer with the following details: • Date • Page numbering f. References – use the Harvard system for format and any copying g. Check the layout by using print preview to ensure that the report is centred and balanced • The submission link will be found under Assessment submission links. • Ensure to change the file name to your Student No Assessment 1. For example, if your student no is 1234, your file name should be 1234_Assessment 1. • If it is a group assessment change the file name to the group name and Assessment No. • At the end of each page insert a page break. • If a group assessment all students to upload the one assessment individually. Plagiarism Statement: • An intentional or unintentional Plagiarism is deemed by GCA as cheating and is completely unacceptable u the assessment must be formatted in the students own words. Where the internet is used for research, a reference list must be listed as an appendix at the end of the assignment. The Harvard referencing system must be applied. • Any plagiarism will result in a ZERO mark for that assignment. This includes the submission of assignments that are not the student’s own work or does not acknowledge the work of others. By submitting this assessment in Moodle, you understand and agree to the plagiarism policy ASSESSMENT 2 PROJECT Learning is at the heart of a company’s ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. A learning organisation is one that: • Embraces the need for continual learning by all its members • Identifies and implements strategies for promoting a learning culture • Actively encourages a learning environment • Constantly identifies opportunities for improvement • Understands the importance of recording and reporting learning outcomes What do you think this statement means? Write a paper of about 600 words, to discuss it. Answer should make reference to the importance of organisations to continue to support the development of employee skills which will enable their staff to compete in the changing market.

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