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Assignment 4 (deadline 09th May) Data Sources methodology, (300words) 1. Direct observation of organisation change events and behaviour; 2. Questionnaires 3. Conversations or interviews with participants in the organisation, including managers and employees: Company to do research : Akzo Nobel (as per attach) (700words) Personal, interpersonal and group process intervention: to the above Akzo Nobel company using below section 3 to section 5 Marking Guide as per attachment. SECTION 3: The organisation’s own evaluation of change process Briefly describe how the change was/will be evaluated by the organisation and the timeline for this evaluation? If your organisation has no evaluation process in mind, you may suggest one with an appropriate timeline. SECTION 4: Analysis of change process (***Major Section) Analyse the success or otherwise of the change process using relevant theory from refereed journal papers and reference books; Remember critical interpretation and analysis must be sustained by reference to relevant theory. Include your approach to evaluation steps or methodology SECTION 5: Recommendations and Conclusion Suggest recommendations for future action, or Make predictions as to what you expect the outcomes to be should the change process not be happening.

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