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BLO5540 Business and Company Law
Assignment Topic – Semester Two, 2013
“Increasingly over the last 30 years, the development of complex corporate groups has facilitated the opportunity to move assets between companies in that group. The main issue with corporate groups is that they operate, very often, as an integrated single entity, despite the fact that they are composed of many different individual companies. Of course, different companies within a corporate group will have different creditors whose separate interests deserve protection.”
(Business and Corporations Law, paragraph 8.11 at page 455.)
Explain how Australian Corporations Law deals with corporate groups in the context of the doctrine of the separate legal entity of a corporation.
1. The assignment must be of 2,000 to 2,500 words in length.
2. The assignment must be typed or printed on one side only of A4 paper.
3. The completed assignment must be submitted either by submitting a printed copy at classes held on Tuesday 17 September, 2013 or my emailing it as an attachment to on that date.
4. The assignment must include footnotes and a bibliography and may, at the author’s option, include a synopsis.
5. Assignments will be marked out of a possible 30 marks.
6. Assignments submitted after the due date will incur a penalty for late submission of one mark for each day by which the assignment is overdue, unless an extension of time has been obtained prior to the due date.
7. Students should research the topic in texts other than the prescribed text. A good starting point for such research is Understanding Company Law, Lipton, Herzberg & Welsh 16th Ed., paragraph 2.190 and subsequent paragraphs, or any recent edition of that text.
8. Students should familiarise themselves with Victoria University policy on plagiarism, and contact me if they have any doubts about the content of that policy and the consequences of any breach/s of the policy.
9. As the topic will not be discussed in classes before the due date for submission, students should undertake their own research into the topic.
10. Please ensure that your name and ID Number appear on each page of your work.
Gerry Box
Business and Company Law Coordinator. July, 2013.

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