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HC1052 – Individual Assignment Advice
Semester T2.2013
• Students are required to write an Article Critique of 1,500 words
• DUE DATE: This assignment must be submitted no later than 5pm on Friday in Week 10
(Friday 27th September)
• Assignments submitted after the due date will incur a late penalty of -10?er day / for each day after this date
• Important: Students must submit BOTH a printed hardcopy and an electronic copy to Safe Assign on Blackboard by the due date. Failure to submit either hardcopy or electronic copy will mean that your final make/grade cannot be released.
• The article that you must read this semester T2.2013 and critically assess is:
o “The Importance of Pay in Employee Motivation: Discrepencies between what people say and what they do” by Sara L. Rynes, Barry Gerhart, and Kathleen A. Minette. Human Resource Management, Winter 2004, Pg 381 -394 o This article has been posted to Blackboard for HC1052
• The Article Critique should be:
o Written in standard essay format o Be typed or word processed in Arial 12pt font with 1.5 line spacing
• The Article Critique that you write must:
o Identify a relevant Thesis Statement from the article o Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the article based on the thesis statement
o Provide your own viewpoint, and clearly state whether you agree or disagree with the thesis statement, and provide evidence and research to support your case. o Your Article Critique must also include additional evidence and research from other academic sources (at least 3) to support your argument and point of view.
o Show use and understanding of class concepts learned in class that relate to the subject of the article o Provide a solid conclusion to your essay
IMPORTANT NOTE: This assignment is NOT just a summary of the article. It is a critique to show that you understand what the author is trying to convey and that you can show your own critical analysis and assessment of the arguments both for and against, as well as provide evidence to support your own opinion on the subject.
HC1052 – Individual Assignment Advice Semester T2.2013
To complete this Article Critique a suggested approach might be:
1. Read the article and identify a relevant thesis statement(s)
2. Read the article and identify key points the author is making that both support and refute the thesis statement
3. Define and identify your own point of view. What do you believe from having read the article?
4. Perform additional academic research to find evidence that supports your case and point of view.
5. Write up the assignment.
• REFERENCING: You must include a list of appropriately formatted references and also show using in-text citation in your essay where you have used those references (using standard Harvard citation and referencing)
• SAFE ASSIGN: You must submit BOTH a hardcopy (paper version) of your assignment, as well as an electronic version of the assignment to Blackboard Safe Assign for HC1052. (Assignments cannot be submitted via email).
o Failure to submit an electronic copy of your assignment means your assignment mark will not be released until it is done.
o The percentage matching on Safe Assignment must be less than or equal to 20?or this assignment.
o If it is found that assignments have been copied directly from the work of another student or author (plagiarism) then those students will have to resubmit the assignment again in their own words, and will incur a 50?enalty for resubmission or receive a zero grade.
• COVER SHEET: You must attach a signed copy of the standard Holmes Higher Education Assignment cover sheet.
st o You must also include a copy of the 1 page of the Safe Assignment submission report that clearly identifies your assignment and the ?atching.
• ASSESSMENT: The 30?f marks will be allocated for showing:
o Critical analysis of the article (10 marks) o Use and inclusion of terms and concepts from class lectures (5 marks) o Understanding and comprehension of the case study article (5 marks) o Appropriate referencing and use of additional research (5 marks) o Format, excellence and strength of your argument/conclusion (5 marks)

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