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The Business School BUACC2606 – Corporate Accounting Semester 2, 2013
Assessment weight: 25%
Due Date: Week 10
Length: 2000 words
Group Assignment: 2 people
Stigler’s ‘private interest theory’ proposes that regulatory bodies (including accounting standard setters) are made up of individuals who are self-interested, and these individuals will introduce regulation that best serves their own self-interest. If regulators acted in accordance with the predictions provided by private interest theory of regulation, what is the likely of the introduction of regulation aimed at reducing the problems associated with climate change, particularly if business corporations opposed such regulations?
Stigler, G. J. 1971, Thepoliticisation of accounting, Journal of Accountancy, 146(5), pp. 65- 72
a. Compare the view espoused by the economist Milton Friedman about the social responsibilities of business with the views express by Stigler above. b. Discuss the standards that are inherent in Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). c. Choose a company listed on the ASX and discuss how the company has disclosed Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) issues. Refer to instruction 2 below. d. Evaluate your company performance in relation to GRI standards and comment on Stigler’s theory
1. The research essay is to be conducted in groups of two. Students do not have the option to extend or reduce the size of the group.
2. Each group must choose a different company listed on the ASX. Discuss you chosen company with your lecturer/tutor to ensure there is no duplication.
3. Assignments must not exceed the word counts indicated.
4. Your assignment must include an abstract/synopsis, introduction, essay body that clearly addresses the problem areas, a conclusion and a properly referenced (refer to the research essay marking guide for further guidance)

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