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Part 1.
Company: Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)
Group Project
or any other to get the financials for 5 years to get a better projection

1.How can Microsoft Manage Scale?
ei: Competitors
Please provide Answer to question

How can Microsoft Handle Debt?
  1. Restructuring
  2. Renegotiation
  3. Mergers
"Restructuring, renegotiation, and merging with other companies can benefit all organizations, but may be vital for those on the edger of failure.
Please provide Answer to question

Part 2.
Please get Microsoft-Financial Statements for the last 5 years: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow.
Q 1. Calculate the Altaman Z-Score Model as per the below
Financial Ratio`s
Working Capital/Total Assets
Retained Earnings/Total Assets
EBIT/Total Assets
Market Value Equity/Book Value Total Liabilities
Sales/Total Assets
Financial ratios can be divided into five categories:
Liquidity (Solvency) ratios
Financial Leverage (Debt) ratios
Asset Efficiency (Management or turnover) ratios
Profitability ratios
Market value ratios

Part 3.
Please get Microsoft- Financial Statements for the last 5 years: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow
Q 1. Calculate the the below Financial Leverate Ratios

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