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My Essay title is Teachers In The Play Based Curriculum
Introduction - states the purpose of the essay which is to discuss and explore the vital role a teacher holds in scaffolding a child’s learning within a Play Based Curriculum. It also states what context will be focussing on (Early Childhood) and that the theorists researched pertain mainly to this context
Highlights the main points to be covered within the essay
1. What constitutes a Play Based Curriculum in an Early Childhood setting and how theory has influenced its development? (Talk about why and how of scaffolding, Vygotsky, ZPD etc)
2. Identify the theory behind scaffolding learning and how this links to teacher presence as a vital component of the educational environment.
3. Importance of the teacher in the learning environment - talk about curriculum areas, planning, environment, co-constructing etc
4. Theories researched will be linked to assist and validate the changes in the curriculum documents relating to Early Childhood Education.
- Thesis Statement is: The teacher is a fundamental element when using scaffolding to support children’s learning and meaning making through play.
Other Headings
What is a Play Based Curriculum
Teacher’s an Integral Component
Scaffolding to Facilitate Play

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