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Assignment 1
Assignment 1 consists of three interrelated tasks:
Task One – Working collaboratively on seminar presentation and one stimulus discussion question
Task One requires you to work in a group (of no more than 3 members) to prepare a seminar presentation, accompanied with a stimulus question, for your peers in this course. The seminar is focused on one child - a case study – and will be held in a discussion forum online in StudyDesk. As a group, you are to run your seminar over a period of one week (further instructions below). All students (on campus and online) will be presenting their seminars in StudyDesk.
Based on the information provided about the case study child you choose, you are required to present a snapshot of your proposed pedagogy in action in response to developing the target language of the learning environment which, for the case study children, is English.
The seminar presentation (Task1) is a group submission. Prepare a presentation (e.g. PowerPoint, Adobe Presenter) to address your chosen Case Study child (only one presentation per group, developed collaboratively). There should be between 10 and 15 slides with 60-100 words brief notes below each one that outline your main message for each slide ( Remember: in text references citation)(for example five points you wish to make). The content of the presentation should be highly focused, practical and illustrative as far as possible to provide a snapshot of your proposed pedagogy in action in response to developing the target language of the environment of which your case study child is a learner. The target language is English.
Work collegially, making connections through Study Desk as necessary. For collaboration, you can use email; however, I would highly recommend exploring other online collaborative tools such as Google Docs (documents). It is easy to sign up and very easy to use. One person in the group starts a document there and then invites the other group members to view it using Google docs’ tools. You can work on the document AT THE SAME TIME or at different times and it automatically saves. You can chat to each other (typing) right there next to the document as well.
David our Sudanese child
David aged 7 years 3 months is a member of the year 2 class at Willowbank Anglican School. He is new to the school since his parents have moved to Australia as refugees from the Sudan. He is one of five children but his brothers and sisters were unable to be located at the time when they left. The family is still hoping that they will be found and will be able to travel to Australia too. David’s parents are currently attending courses to improve their English skills so that they can go to university. While they have had a very stressful and traumatic time they appear very positive and excited about their new life in Australia.
While the school has some children from a range of cultures there is no other child from Africa. David has basic English that is enough to make some communication with other children but after two terms this year you realise that he is being held back by the language barrier. He is just not learning to read. You also know that David’s father high aspirations for all of the family.
However, because both his parents are very busy studying they do not follow up with homework or class newsletters such that David is never quite prepared for what is being planned at school when it comes to activities other than being in the class.
You know that David’s father plays the guitar as you have seen him featured in the local newspaper. You also know that his mother spends some time each week with members of the local Sudanese community to provide casual counselling support.
David is quite tall for his age and excels in running and he is also very keen on soccer. When the class had a visiting artist David also showed a strong interest in collage. You have also found that he likes to go and watch the older children play chess in the library at lunch time.
When the literacy block is on you find that David is reluctant to participate and tries to keep a low profile. He doesn’t like to be asked questions in class and he rarely responds to questions and does not freely initiate a question. During group activities where tasks depend on cooperating and collaborating he often appears withdrawn. There is only one child that you have noticed David trying to communicate with. His name is Ben and he is not so outgoing but is keen on comics and David is interested in the fact that he wears an ipod round his neck.

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