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Task: Summative Assessment 2 (1000 word Reflective Account)
Provide a critical self-reflection of the process of completing consultancy report/ assignment 1
For completing this Task successfully, you must summarize all the academic knowledge you receive from the module’s content and professional benefits you received while critically analysed the case study/company including consulting implications and strategic business issues, during the development of summative assignment 1 during the 4th Week of this module.
The indicators of a good reflection are:
• It is personal to you
• It is clear how the learning relates to your role or prepares for a future role • It outlines the content and method of the learning activity
• It describes how your knowledge, skills and attributes have developed
as a result of the learning activity.
• It identifies any further gaps or learning you did not cover and how you might fill these. • It describes how your current practice might change as a result
• It indicates how you will use knowledge acquired for your career benefit
A strong Assignment Critical Reflection Requires addressing to the following issues:
• High personal effectiveness:
• Critical self-awareness
• Self-reflection and self-management;
• Sensitivity to diversity in people and different situations and
• The ability to continue to learn through reflection on practice and experience.
As this is a self- reflective practice within your writing you can use of the first person such as ‘I’ or ‘we’.
Your work should include and cover the following sections/aspects and content (as shown and stated in the table below). The specific percentage marks allocated to each section/aspect of your work is stated below. Please also note that the Level 7 marking criteria (located towards the end of this assessment brief) will also be used to reflect this overall grade.
Note the suggested structure for your assignment:

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1242 words including References

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