Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment description
In this critical reflective essay assessment, your task is to engage in a thoughtful analysis of an approach that promotes recovery-oriented care and trauma-informed care within your workplace. You have the option to focus on Safewards or CHIME and critically assess its current implementation in your work setting. If neither of these approaches is currently employed in your workplace, you may instead explore how these methods could be instrumental in promoting recovery and trauma-informed principles.
Additionally, you are expected to provide an overview of the relevant Mental Health Act applicable to your jurisdiction, critically reflecting on how it either facilitates or hampers the practice of recovery-oriented care.
Essay Breakdown below:
Critical Reflection
Introduction: Safewards in an inpatient clinical setting.
1.Purpose of the essay and key areas to be discussed. (200)
2.Description and analyses of Safewards. (200)
b. Why is it effective and how does it align with Recovery Oriented Care principles. (200)
3. How does Safewards support Trauma Informed Care.
b. Evidence and examples (200)
What impact does this alignment have on creating a safe and therapeutic and environment for individuals seeking mental health services.(200)
4. Provide a critical reflection on how the Mental health Act in your jurisdiction either facilitates or hinders the practice of recovery-oriented care. (200)
b. Discuss any limitations or opportunities for improvement within the Act and substantiate your critical analysis with evidence or real-world examples. (200)
5. Conclusion (200)