Recent Question/Assignment

Dissertation: The digital revolution and the advancement of technology and business strategies in the banking sector in Zimbabwe.
You are reminded that primary data collection is Not Allowed.
Word count limit: 12,000 – 15,000 words (+/- 10%) / (NOT inclusive of appendices, NOT inclusive of references)
Important Notes
CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION (1500-2000 words)
Is there a clear introduction that discusses the topic of research and rationale (what you are doing and why)?
Are appropriate background information has been provided including all special terms and definitions?
Are the aim and objectives, research questions clear, relevant and achievable (testable)?
Do aims, objectives etc go beyond mere description i.e. do they involve explanation, comparison, criticism or evaluation?
Does the introduction indicate the content of the other chapters?
Does the student provided the background of the study and its significance?
Maximum score
CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW (2500 - 3000 words)
Has a comprehensive range of relevant literature, pertinent to the aim and RQs of the dissertation or is the impression given that almost everything read on or around the problem has been included?
Are the key themes and issues surrounding the research questions clearly drawn from the literature?
Does it attempt to compare and contrast a number of relevant concepts, models or theories in a critical manner or is it merely descriptive?
Are these used in an effective manner?
Are the sources used up to date, where appropriate and do they have sufficient academic weight?
Have sources been acknowledged and referenced fairly and properly?
Is the bibliography at the end of the dissertation complete and in the appropriate version of the Harvard System?
Maximum score
Is there a clear rationale for methodology i.e. is student aware of nature and types of research e.g. are distinctions between qualitative and quantitative, positivist and interpretative methods addressed?
Have the alternatives been discussed and have the advantages and disadvantages of chosen methods been evaluated? Has this understanding informed their choice of approach?
Is the methodology described appropriate for the data required?
Is the research methodology described fully so that it could be replicated? I.e.
Are the research instruments well designed with all questions etc relevant to research aims?
Is there evidence of care and accuracy in the secondary data collection process?
Are data analysis methods discussed?
Maximum score
Is the data presented relevant to aims and objectives?
Does any statistical presentation make the most of the data collected?
Is any qualitative data categorised and presented systematically?
Are the findings presented clearly and interestingly for the reader to follow? i.e. is diagrammatic representation of data e.g. tables, charts etc embedded in the text?
Maximum score
Is the most relevant data clearly summarised, discussed and evaluated?
Have patterns in the data been identified and/or key variables compared and relationships highlighted?
Are all statements discussed in context and supported by the data?
Have the findings of the research been compared and contrasted with findings, theories, models or concepts derived from the literature review?
Maximum score
Do the conclusions follow on from the findings? Are the conclusions well grounded in the evidence and arguments presented?
Have the aim, objectives and research questions been clearly reviewed and addressed?
Are the conclusions discussed in context and are they applicable to a wider scenario?
For work based dissertation are recommendations given and are they consistent with the findings and conclusion?
Maximum score
Layout and Referencing (list of references can take as many pages as necessary and not included in the limit/word count)
(list of references can take as many pages as necessary and not included in the limit/word count – presentation that follows a sequence of chapters and appropriate structure as indicated in the brief. Presentation of the material that conforms to principles of academic writing and contains minimal errors in sentence construction, grammar and punctuation). The assignment followed appropriate academic conventions regarding in-text citations and referencing.
Maximum score