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ECON5004: Communication in Economics
Semester 2, 2022
Instructor: Russell Toth
Assignment: Presentation 1: Public/Professional
Assignment Outline
Students are required give a presentation targeted for a public/professional audience. These 5minute presentations will be given throughout the semester, starting in week 3. Students will communicate an argument providing economic insight on a topic of professional and/or public interest, without interruption. Presentations should be given orally, without slides, props or other materials, though you are allowed to use cue cards, a sheet of notes, or a device (e.g., tablet) to prompt yourself.
By Monday midnight in the week of the presentation students are required to submit a title, 1sentence main argument, and abstract for the presentation. The abstract will be a 150-250 word preview and summary of the presentation: it will raise the main issue, state the main argument, and very briefly summarize the main supporting evidence. Students are highly recommended to have at least a full outline, if not a full first draft, of their presentation complete by the time they submit the abstract. The tutor or instructor will give feedback within 48 hours of submission of the abstract, or Monday midnight, whichever is later. The student should revise their abstract in light of the feedback, only receiving a mark for the Final Abstract submission.
If you are presenting online (RE registration), please review the detailed guidelines for how to give a live presentation on Zoom. Before presenting, the presenter should paste their final title, main argument, and abstract into the chat window.
After the presentation, a classmate (one of the other presenters in the same session, who will be designated the night of the presentation) will be asked to provide a very short critique of the presentation (less than 1 minute), only on the quality of the presentation (clarity of main argument, organization of content, flow, eye contact, pace, tone, etc.), not the content.
Each presentation will be followed by a short discussion period (“Q&A”) with the audience. Class members will be expected to ask 2-3 questions or provide comments in response to the presentation, which will be moderated by the presenter. The 3 presenters preceding a presenter are eligible to be called upon for a question by the assessor, if no one is asking questions.
In addition to their own presentation, students will be assessed on their participation in the session, by providing a constructive critique, and participating in the Q&A.
Tips on Topic, Content, Presentation
Students should select a topic that yields a substantive economic analysis or insight. While presentations may delve into political aspects of an issue, political rants will not be looked upon favourably. Think of yourself as presenting to a reasonably curious, general audience that is not necessarily trained in economics, with your goal being to distill economic insights in order to convince them of your position on a particular (economic) issue.
ECON5004: Communication in Economics
Semester 2, 2022
Instructor: Russell Toth
In week 3, students can present on any topic they want – anything from contemporary Australian economic policy, to optimal individual investing strategies, to the importance of using economic insights for public policy, to bringing economic insight to an international issues, are fair game. Students are welcome to select a topic that is of direct relevance to their current or intended professional context. The topic does not have to be on a policy topic if it is of potential interest to a reasonably curious audience: e.g., one could use economic insights to understand evolutionary dynamics, religious behaviour, love, etc. From week 4 onward, the topic must be relevant to the theme of their group.
The instructor will provide tips in lecture on how to prepare and present in the week 1 lecture.
Due Date
Presentations occur on a weekly basis, between weeks 3 to 9, usually from the start of lecture. Each student is expected to give one such presentation during the semester.
First draft of abstracts are due by midnight Monday in the week of the presentation. After getting feedback, final abstracts are due before 6 pm on the Thursday of presentation. Only abstracts submitted under the Final Abstract Canvas submission link will receive a mark.
Grading Weight
14% of the course grade, with three aspects:
1. Written abstract (4% of course grade). 50% will come from the clarity of the argument and arrangement of evidence, and 50% will come from the quality of the writing (grammar, spelling, etc).
2. Presentation (8% of course grade). 30% of the presentation mark will come from the clarity of the argument (ability to communicate an argument that is appropriate for the allotted time), 30% will come from the evidence presented (ability to gather and arrange evidence in support of the main argument), 30% will come from the quality of the presentation (clarity of communication, eye contact, pace, finishing within the allotted time, etc), 10% will come from handling and responding to questions after the presentation.
3. Participation in giving feedback to classmate, and Q&A (2% of course grade). Students will receive 0/2 of they fail to give feedback, and lose 1/2 marks each time they are called upon for a question in the Q&A and fail to respond, when eligible.