Recent Question/Assignment

Have to write at least 1500 word proper citation and referencing
TCSC2100 Digital World
Essay Guidelines
• The essay must include a list of references and the content must include in-text citation.
• The essay may have 1000 to 2000 words excluding the references.
• How digital technology helps to solve the problem/issue of ?
• Choice one social problem/issue to fill in the blank in the topic. Possible choices can be, but not limited to bullying, climate change, crime, discrimination, disease, drug/alcohol abuse, illiteracy/lack of education, overpopulation, poverty, loss of privacy, or unemployment.
The essay may include but not limited to the following
• Introduce and elaborate the chosen social problem/issue.
• Illustrate the background and the causes of the chosen social problem/issue.
• Identify and define the specific digital technology that helps to solve the chosen social problem/issue.
• Explain concept and application of the specific digital technology.
• Explain how and why the chosen social problem/issue could be solved or alleviated using the specific digital technology
• Illustrate with specific case studies or research conducted
• Evaluate the effectiveness of the specific digital technology on the society problem/issue.
• Study if any side effects or new problems/issues would be created
• Make a conclusion
General guidelines
• Follow a general format of an essay/academic report. Arrange the content in sections, including an introduction, a conclusion, and references.
• Give supporting evidence of your arguments by figures, studies or reports from recognized bodies, e.g., government, universities, research bodies, or news organization.
• Proper font size and line spacing should be applied.