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Research Topic Form
Student Name: Chant
Student ID: MBA202105006
1. Proposed topic area.
Examining the effects of Decarbonization impacting organization leadership management towards shipping industry in Singapore.
2. Possible research question at this stage (with an indication of the business issue the question relates to).
How expectancy effect the impact of decarbonization to leadership management?
How instrumentality effect the impact of decarbonization to leadership management?
How valence effect the impact of decarbonization to leadership management?

3. If possible, what concepts/theory do you expect to focus on at this stage?
Hersey-Blanchard Model is a leadership model that focuses on the ability and willingness of individual employees. It's also referred to as the Situational Leadership Model. The model outlines four leadership styles, each corresponding with a specific level of employee development.
The topic on decarbonization has been lauded lately. The factors of this research would be how decarbonization can be accelerated through leadership that wants to improve the lives and the livelihood of people. How would this be driven by public and private sectors and leaderships at every level.
Also in this research paper, theories like goal setting theory achieving objective result in a specific issue will be further discussed. Motivational theories -amongst which would be Vroom’s Expectancy Theory, Effort, Performance and Outcome and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
4. If possible, what methodological approach do you expect to use and why? (qualitative/quantitative/mixed methods).
This case study would be more towards quantitative although there would be qualitative based on on-going data driven and fact base information. A survey would be one of the criteria to conduct the study and analyse the topics entirety so that best outcome can be drawn out from the survey. To achieve a holistic approach towards decarbonization would be an ideal goal setting.
Conduct Survey questionnaire
Survey on leadership style, performance and the effectiveness of concept implemented shall be measured to gauge overall achievement. A multi questionnaires on leadership would be one of the criteria used in this research paper.