Recent Question/Assignment

Written Communication Skills Test Directions
Please read through these instructions carefully to ensure you understand what is expected of you prior to drafting your response.
You are required to compose a well-written, multi-paragraph, response to a question selected by the USCIS. Your submission should be organized, use well-structured sentences and language appropriate for your audience, and adhere to standard American English conventions.
Your response will be assessed by an AI essay rater, IntelliMetric. The following five characteristics of writing will be considered in assessing your response:
• Focus and Purpose — The clarity with which you maintain the main idea or point of view.
• Content and Development — The extent to which you elaborate on the ideas and present supporting details.
• Organization — The clarity with which you structure the response and present a logical sequence of ideas.
• Language Use and Style — The appropriateness and complexity of the vocabulary and sentence structure.
• Mechanics and Conventions — The extent to which your writing is free of errors in mechanics and conventions, including grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
Solving a Problem
The ‘Problem’ that we encounter in our professional lives are often hidden opporutnities to iniivate or improve the work we do. Think about a problem you encounterd professionally. How did ou first identify the problem?
How did you plan to innivate to resolve the problem? What awas the eventua impact of your work.
Next, write a unified essay in which you disusss the process you used to ddevelop an innivatiove solution to a problem. Be sure to include how you identified the problem, and how you worked to resolve it.
What was the most important result of your innvation?
Writing guidelines:
1. Do not use bullet points, graphiccs,tables or charts
2. Do not inlcude anu confidential or propertary information ferom current or past employers
3. Please limit your response tono more than 5000 words