Recent Question/Assignment

Topic: The digital revolution and the advancement of technology and business strategies in developing countries. (2000 words)
Task: You will prepare a short literature review on your chosen research topic. This will be related to the second part of the summative assessment (the report) and on the topic of the research you will undertake for your Dissertation/Management Project.
The research topic area will be based on your Week 2 Individual Written Task submission.
The literature review should analyse and synthesise relevant academic literature, critically engaging with the field of scholarship. In the literature review, you should discuss how your research topic will fit within existing published work. You should find at least 12-15 sources of literature (mainly academic) connected to your proposed research and analyse them to show how your research will attempt to contribute to existing knowledge. You should aim to compare and contrast the sources and make appropriate links with your proposed research. Keep in mind that you should paraphrase the sources in your own words (and cite and reference the sources appropriately) and you should synthesise the potential contribution of these sources to your research. Your literature review should not be presented as a ‘list’ of articles.
Your Literature review should follow this structure:
Section/Aspect Content to cover Marks available
Introduction (300 words) Offers brief outline of the research topic. Outlines what the literature review will include and/or leave out (scope). What themes the literature review will discuss and the order they are presented. What the literature review will argue/demonstrate (thesis statement). 10 marks
Main Body (1200 words) • ? A good range of literature been used to discuss relevant concepts, models and theories
• ? The sources used are up to date, and of sufficient academic weight
• ? The literature review offers evidence of critical evaluation of the material
• ? A good ability to synthesize that goes beyond just presenting arguments and ideas from the source material and demonstrates ability to link these theories together, combine them and indicate a good level of understanding
• ? The key themes and issues surrounding the research topic are clearly drawn from the literature 60 marks
Conclusions (500 words) Summarise key themes and issues identified in the main body of the literature review. Summarise gap(s) in the literature and where the proposed research will attempt to contribute. 15 marks
Formatting and Referencing
(list of High quality presentation of the material that conforms to principles of academic writing and contains minimal errors in sentence construction, grammar and punctuation. The 15 marks